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What to Expect

Our goal has been to create a family oriented and high quality veterinary health team. We are committed to providing high quality care to your pets and exceptional client service.

When you come in for your visit, you will be greeted by our client service representatives at the front desk. If previous health records have not yet been received, the front desk staff will ask for them at this time. For the best possible care, please be sure to bring all medical records for your pet to your first visit. This allows our doctors to better understand your pets' medical needs prior to the exam. You will be asked to fill out a New Patient Packet that will allow us to establish your pet into our health care system.

You will then be escorted to a private exam room. On your way, the customer service representatives will direct you and your pet to our pet scale for an accurate weight. A veterinary technician will come in and ask you questions about your pet's living environment, house training (if a young pet), eating and drinking habits, as well as any current concerns you may have  at that visit. The doctor will then come in to the exam room and perform the physical exam with you present.  While we understand that your pet is most comfortable in your arms, we ask that you allow our trained technicians to restrain your pet during the exam process. This is for your pet's safety as well as our staff's.

Depending on your pets' needs, we will discuss any additional diagnostics or treatments that may be needed that day.  Any medications that are required are usually able to be filled by our fully stocked in-house pharmacy.  If any items are not carried by us, we are able to write you a prescription to be able to get the medications your pet needs.

At the end of your pet's exam, you will be escorted back to the front desk for payment. We will review any final instructions and schedule any necessary recheck appointments. We will then assist you in carrying your pet, food, or medications to your car if needed.

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